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LOBSTER Fastening Tool

General Fastening Catalog
General Hand Tool Catalog
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R2B1 Cordless Riveter

Ultra-high-speed riveting, equivalent to fastest air riveter
Excellent usability. A lightweight body causes less arm fatigue.

R2B1 Catalog

R1A1 Pneumatic Riveter

The compact body is suitable in narrow spaces and it's only 1,1 kg.
With Long stroke, it is able to set a rivet in 1 stroke! 
Excellent power-to-weight ratio


R1A1 /A2 Catalog

 ARF800P Auto Rivet Feeder

New and very compact rivet feeder has been launched!
Realized easy automatic rivet feeding!

・Can be used for Flexible line and Cell manufacturing
・Desktop size - space-saving & easy to carry around

​・One unit is adaptable to changes in workplace
 by easy adjustment for various rivet size, riveter, and inserting angle

d1ARF800P Catalog

 ARF700 Auto Rivet Feeder

・Reduces riveting cycle time and lowers running cost.
    Approx. 60rivets/minutes loading speed
    Riveting Speed:  Over 1,500 rivets/hour possible
    Max. Rivet size: Ф4.8
・Casters & detatchable feeder head allow for flexible layout.​

d1ARF700 Catalog

N1A2 LOBSTER's next generation
Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setter
  • Hi-Power Model up to M12 rivet nut

  • Operating speed: appx. 40% faster compared with the previous Lobster model

  • Weight: appx. 20% lighter compared with the previous Lobster model

  • Easily insert rivet nuts
    Clutch mechanism (avoid working failure)

  • Easy stroke adjustment

  • One-touch reverse button for ( in case of an accident)

N1A2 Leaflet

NEW General Hand tool 
w-zero small.png

X-Drive and G-Less mechanisms for strip-free gripping.


High-quality adjustable angle wrench

  • Specially designed jaw:

  • allows for high torque by three-face contact with bolt & nut

  • prevents collapsing the edges of the bolt & nut

  • Backlash-less worm gear

  • Ergonomically designed handle, comfortably fitting in the hand

  • Convenient graduated head

W-ZERO UM30XGB / UM36XGB Catalog

R2B1 ... Its surprisingly quick fastening speed and light weight working in combination with rivet-holding nosepiece helps excellently efficient and comfortable riveting.

​ARF800P ... Highly convenient size exchange parts allows one machine capable for various size rivets & riveters! 

Yuichi Naoe, Sales Manager

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