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delvo electric screwdriver

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General catalog
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Edition: D01en-a

DLV45C Current Control Screwdriver

Thirty different torque settings can be set on a single screwdriver. Corresponds to various fastening conditions and improves screw fastening quality.

datDLV45C cataloga

delvo Screw Fastening Monitor

Accessory for DLV45C Current control screwdriver, enabling to output the electric current value, the fastening time / the motor rotation signal, and the program information to external devices.

 DTM10 / 45 Catalog

delvo Brushless Type S Series

Speedy high precision screw fastening by the variable screw fastening speed control fanction.

 DLV30S / 45S / 70S Catalog

DLV30A/45A/70A-SP series 
Brushless and Transfomerless Type
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Transformer-less model with signal output


Poka-Yoke solution (human error prevention  by OK/NG indicating, by counting screws, by allowing the next process only after tightening a set number of screws etc.

Flexible programming - for programable on users’ own needs / system

Working space saver – no need of controller / power supply 


Signal are powered with 80V DC or less (Recommended 5 ~ 80V.)

DLV30A/45A/70A-SP series leaflet

Torque Support Arms for delvo

 Reduce reaction force to operators and improve quality of screw fastening works.

 Available in wide variety types to fulfill workability in diverse applications: Swing type, Linear Slide type, Telescopic type, and Articulated type / Low Profile structure, Spring Balancer structure, and so on.

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