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Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.
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Frequently Asked Question

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  • Does DLT1173/1673A/1973A Series Torque Checker come with a Calibration Certificate Report?
    Yes, they always come with calibration certificates.
  • Based on which standard do you issue the calibration certificate of Torque Checker?
    Our calibration is done by Nitto standard based on ISO9001.
  • Where can I find the following Delvo item's 2D & 3D data?
    You can find below the link for the 2D&3D data. As for now the products' data are limited, however, it will gradually be updated in the future. 2D (DXF) 3D (STP) In case you can not find the desired model please keep in touch with us.
  • The DLT1173/1673A/1973A torque checker does not turn on, how can I fix the issue?
    In some cases, the CPU inside the device may not be activated when the power is on with a Ni-MH battery charged after fully discharged ( due to being left unused for a long time) and now the device is in Sleep mode. In such a case, to wake up the device from Sleep mode you have to press the Reset button for 2 seconds. The system will restore the initial state (all contents of memory will be deleted).
  • How accurate is the torque of the Delvo screwdrivers?
    Delvo screwdrivers' torque repeatability is in general about 5 to 10% accurate and this is affected by actual application.
  • Is there any technical difference between TD01800 and TD08766 Delvo rotor assy for DLV7530/ 7540 / 7550 / 8530 / 8540 / 8550 -BKE / -MKE / -PKE ?
    There is no technical difference, however, TD01800 's package only contains the rotor assy while TD08766 rotor assy packed in a plastic bag with a rust preventing paper.
  • Is there a vacuum pickup system for DLV7500 / 8500 series?
    Unfortunately, no vacuum system is available for DLV7500 / 8500 series, neither DLP6500 nor DLP7000 can be used for DLV7500/8500.
  • How to choose a suitable sleeve for the Delvo DLS sleeves for vacuum pickup?
    To choose a suitable sleeve you have to consider a sleeve with inner dia. ( = φd in the catalog) that makes a 0.1mm gap with the screw head dia./ bit dia. is the best. In case you couldn't find a suitable sleeve for your model, please check with us about the necessity of special-made sleeves, etc. Please include your request together with your screw drawing & bit drawing. Countersunk screws (tend to be somewhat unstable for Vacuum Pick-up (because of the thin screw head)
  • What part code do I have to order for Brushless DLV30A/45A/70A-ABK screwdrivers for changeover switch?
    The changeover switch alone is not available for sales. Customers always have to buy it as a sensor assy. For the CHANGEOVER SWITCH, due to safety reasons the whole SENSOR ASSEMBLY ( Lever to start: TD08225 / Push to start: TD08217 ) needs to be exchanged! Please be noted that even exchanging this SENSOR ASSEMBLY can be difficult. Is your engineer already familiar with exchanging this Sensor Assy? He has to be careful on various points, such as below: - Not to lose small peripheral parts ( TV07409 etc.) when disassembling. - If screwdriver performance is strange ( repeated hitting of the clutch, rotation stop halfway before finishing screw-fastening, etc.) after the Sensor Assy exchange, you need to adjust the sensor timing. - When assembling, you need to apply sealing paste onto the parts to protect dust coming inside. In case the engineer is not confident enough, either of the below could be the choice: a. Please send the tool back to us and we’ll arrange a repair * Operation cost will be charged in addition to the exchange parts pricing. b. We can work together with your engineer online (or onsite, if the conditions allow) to repair the tool correctly.
  • What type of rivet can be used with ARF-700 ?
    Rivet dimension reference: D … φ3.2 or φ4.0 or *φ4.8 mm ** One rivet feeder is capable of either one diameter only.  L ... up to 14.5 mm H ... up to 9.5mm (or special modification available only for exact 13.5 mm flange ) S ... up to 40 mm - Material: any material - Shape: the same shape as “Type: Standard” on p. 19 in Lobster general fastening catalog 17T-2000TO - Balance (weight/length) between the shaft and body: The mandrel should be heavier than the rivet body = The body shouldn't be too long against the mandrel. (Long (heavy) body keeping the mandrel in the air prevents the rivet from going into ARF700 conveying rail.) * 4.8mm High Strength Rivets (S-blot, Magna-Lok, Magna-Bulb, Monobolt, Ultra-Grip, HR(High-Retention), etc.) cannot be used with ARF-700. ** Special spec for rivets out of standard dimensions is impossible. (For achieving it, the whole structure of the feeder needs modification.)
  • What type of rivet can be used with ARF-800P ?
    Rivet dimension reference: Here’re the quick checkpoints that give you a general understanding of certain rivet applicability with ARF800P. ARF800P - General reference on dimensions restrictions: S + T … up to 37mm W … up to 2.4mm H ( Large-flange rivets are unacceptable.) … 8.0mm is ideal for dia. 4.0mm rivets … 6.4mm is ideal for dia. 3.2mm rivets … 4.8mm is ideal for dia. 2.4mm rivets L … up to 13.9mm for dia. 4.0mm rivets ( If the rivet body is 16~17mm for example, the rivet tends to fail fitting in ARF800P "pick-up plate", resulting in unstable dispensing. ) … up to 13.3mm for dia. 3.2mm rivets … up to 9.1mm for dia. 2.4mm rivets - Rivet length/weight balance between the mandrel (shaft) and body: The mandrel should be heavier than the rivet body = The body shouldn’t be too long against the mandrel. (Long (heavy) body keeping the mandrel in the air hinders the rivet going into ARF800P “rotating shaft” nozzle, resulting in unstable dispensing.) - Material: Not all the time, but some Aluminum rivets tend to cause occasional stops. ( If the rivet weight is too light, the ARF800P brush may just keep scattering those rivets without placing the rivet onto the ARF800P pickup plate part.) - ARF800P is designed for Lobster standard rivets, and rivets with some features (e.g. large flange, thick shaft with serration, etc.) or rivets with large tolerance (e.g. deformed flange) may not work sufficiently with the feeder. If you can email us rivet drawings/photos with dimensions etc., we also can make roughly check on the compatibility before purchase.
  • How to replace the AR-021EX ( DISCONTINUED) model?
    The substitute of AR-021EX is R1A2. However, you have to purchase it with additional (optional parts according to your usage). The optional parts: For Monobolt 4.8mm => nosepiece #10432 For Monobolt 6.4mm => nosepiece #10433 + 3-piece jaw unit #64021
  • What type of riveters does Lobtex have?
    1. With or without rivet suction unit Air riveters are largely divided into the standard type and vacuum type, depending on whether they have a rivet suction unit (vacuum system). Standard type: Typical models: AR-011M(X), AR2000M Vacuum type (with rivet suction unit) Typical models: AR2000SV, AR2000MV, AR2000HV, R1A1 2. Separate type This type of riveter consists of a separate frame and cylinder. The lowest weight (900 g) of the rivet pistol head allows easy handling. The compact and lightweight hydraulic tube and the flexible swivel joint at the frame will offer improved usability as if the rivet pistol head has no hydraulic tube. *The standard hydraulic tube is 2 m in length. 3-m or 4-m tubes are optionally available. With vacuum system: Typical models: ARV-025M(Dedicated for downward riveting)
  • What is the replacement model for ____ model?
  • What are the available plug types for Taiyo Goot models?
  • What tips are available for the RX-8 series soldering stations?
  • #ENTRUST - Can Entrust screw dispensers be used for vacuum pick-up applications?
    Unfortunately, the Entrust screw dispensers are not suitable for Vacuum Pick-ups, because the Sleeves will interfere with the peripheral parts of the screw dispenser and the screw cannot be picked up. (This problem cannot be solved even if you remove the bit guide.)
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