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Koganei  Automation Equipment

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Electric Hand tool EW type
KOGANEI-Electric-Hand-Flat-Type-EW2H-series_v2 photo_edited.png

Thinnest (20 mm), compact (only 90g) compared to similar models in its range

The gripping force from 8N to 50N

With build-in connector

Controller types:  Point input, I/O

Flat type electric gripper and long stroke catalog

Auto Hand changer MJC series
mjc series auto hand changer removed bg_edited.png

Lightweight, compact smallest in the world*

Wide range of size variation

Applicable with many interfaces

*Compared to weight for an equivalent payload of other companies!

Auto Hand Changer MJC series Cataloga

Compliance light

Improves the workpiece insertion fitting accuracy and speed.


Shorter takt time length

Perfect for the high-speed conveyance by robots due to retaining force.

two lock types:

Lateral & Arbitrary

Koganei   Pneumatic Equipment

Linear Orifice Shock Absorbers

Small shock (acceleration) upon impact.                 

Low impact noise                                             


Supports high cycle times

Self-adjustment function

d1Shock Absorber Cataloga

Pulse Blow Air Gun / Unit

Reduce Compressed Air Use by Nearly 50%!               

No Electricity Required.      

Built-In Pulse Air Generator.  

Generates Stronger Impact. 

Energy Efficient.

d1Pulse Blow Air Gun/Unit Cataloga

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