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Electric precision tool, we provide high-quality products such as micro grinder "Minimo" meeting our customers' needs.

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Minitor One Series Ver.3

High performance Power Pack with new function maximizing performance of handpiece.
Less working space is required due to smaller body.
Speed control dial comes to front and enable to adjust rotation speed easily.

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The palm-sized microcontroller is especially popular with those who need to go on a business trip and move around workplaces. It is an all-round electric micro grinder favored by many professionals and craftsmen with high accuracy, high speed, and high torque.

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Sentan Tools

Cutting/Polishing tools for precision work

Minitor One Series Ver.3 Catalog

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Premo Catalog


Sentan Catalog

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Sentan Catalog Vol 2

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Minitor General Catalog 

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For Inquiry or quotations please contact us

Thomas Hug

Product manager of Grinding and Polishing

Stefan Teutenberg 

Technical & Sales Field Service

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