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Magnescale  Measuring Tools

No compromise for high-accuracy products

The total quality control system that operates throughout the entire design and production process ensures products with enhanced safety, high quality, and high reliability that match our customers’ requirements. The company is certified for length calibration in compliance with the traceability system required by the “Weights and Measures Act,” and has been granted ISO 9001 certification, which is the international standard for quality assurance.



Resistant to condensation and oil.

​Vibration and impact resistance

  Magnescale primarily uses ferrous members as the housing material to protect the detector section, thereby realizing the high vibration resistance and impact resistance characteristics. In the SR80 series, furthermore, it employs multi-point fixation construction in addition to the housing with high rigidity, achieving the industry’s top class vibration resistance and impact resistance.


Digital Gauges

Resistant to condensation and oil.

  Digital gauge employs the magnetic    detection principle, thus far less affected by the condensation or oil problems and high precision operation possible in severe environments.

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